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Ruby Engineer (Kyiv)

Human Agency • Kyiv

The Human Agency engineering team is building a simple platform that gives power of digital advertising to the people. We are currently focused on making it a seamless experience to create and manage ads across various platforms. If you are someone who loves to build scalable software that helps people accomplish meaningful goals, has previously worked as a developer using multiple languages/frameworks, and are convinced that TDD is the only way to write code, then we should talk.

About our engineering team

Human Agency is building a world where the most powerful tools of media and technology can and should be used to advance the values and goals of people. Digital advertising today is profit-centered, more complex than it needs to be, and is currently monopolised by those who have existing knowledge, tools and resources. We are changing this by building the simplest and most effective platform that gives power of digital advertising to the people.

Simplicity is at the heart of what we are building at Human Agency. Facebook and Google have created tentpole platforms that have made advertising more complex than it needs to be. Our platform navigates partner APIs to expose a simple UI that allows the user to seamlessly create, manage, and optimize ads across multiple platforms.

We’re an exceptionally productive and rapidly growing team who enjoy working closely with one another. Pair programming is core to our collaboration, allowing us to write better code, share ideas, and find defects.  Additionally, all of our code is written with TDD. By writing our tests first, we can ensure that we have the simplest possible code that has the fewest number of defects.

The Human Agency Ruby on Rails team has an opinionated tech stack and methodology using:

  • Test Driven Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Agile Scrum
  • VIM
  • TMUX

This is a rare opportunity for you to be part of an organization that has the potential to reshape a massive media industry while also doing a ton of good in the world.

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