5 reasons to consider becoming a progressive startup founder

Has anyone ever told you that *you* should consider becoming a founder of a progressive technology startup? Well, we just did! Starting a company is a way for you to use your creativity and expertise to solve real problems that you understand better than anyone else. It takes commitment, perseverance, and vision – but ultimately […]

Adaptive Campaigning During COVID: Recap

Adaptive Campaigning During COVID: Recap COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape of campaigns in many ways. From how campaigns interact with voters to connecting with potential donors, campaigns have had to adapt to a substantially different environment. We previously highlighted solutions to campaign objectives affected by COVID-19, which includes strategies and tools for voter outreach, […]

Civic Eagle: Walking the Walk

From constant analysis, to machine learning, to investment, Damola and his team have worked to create a powerful tool, Enview, that discovers, analyzes, and manages state and federal legislation. And they’ve done it with diverse talent that is modeling inclusivity and paving the way for Black and POC founders.