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Our Annual Political Tech Landscape Report

Higher Ground Labs is delighted to share its Annual Political Tech Landscape Report, an in-depth look at the biggest trends and opportunities within the political technology market. 

Our team has worked over the past year to interview the practitioners, technologists, and entrepreneurs moving this field forward. Building on the framework of our 2018 report, the 2019 report aims to provide a mid-cycle update to our ongoing, industry-wide documentation.

In 2019, a competitive Presidential primary with a large field of diverse candidates commanded campaigns to vie for voter attention, donor dollars, and media airtime. In this environment, a new group of startups entered with ambitions to make the difference and prove their product-market-fit. Some larger industry incumbents also used the resource windfall to consolidate market share. On the whole, campaign programs shifted and tactics changed substantially. This report captures these important dynamics. 

Overall, tech-enabled campaign spending is set to increase more than 40% from 2016 to 2020 as candidates and causes turn to tech to break-through a noisy election cycle ahead of this historic 2020 election. 

Download the full report here for more insights.