Our Annual Political Tech Landscape Report
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Landscape Report

Higher Ground Labs is a bridge between technology and politics. We support start-ups building products that help progressives win.

The ecosystem around progressive technology was broken. We lacked committed capital, sustained mentorship, and a network of active entrepreneurs able to tackle big problems. Progressives have traditionally relied on Presidential campaigns as their innovation hubs. These billion-dollar start-ups brought smart people together in pressure cooker environments to innovate at break-neck speeds. As every campaign ended, innovation often vanished with it.

Higher Ground Labs has created an enduring cycle for experimentation and iteration that’s no longer dependent on election dates. We act as investors, partners, collaborators and trainers to ensure the progressive community uses technology to run the best campaigns possible. We deliver a safe environment for risk-taking that propels political innovation to fight to make it easier to participate in our democracy.

We seek to discover new techniques for effective campaigning, spark and nurture new collaborations, and strengthen connectivity across progressive tech. We invest in companies building solutions to the most pressing campaign challenges and provide programming and mentorship to help our founders work fast and yield measurable long-term impact with fewer resources.

million invested
start-ups supported
entrepreneur fellowships
campaigns using our tools

Our platform includes:


An active accelerator for companies building scalable political technology


Follow on investments in companies that are prepared to scale


Fellowships that allow individuals to explore ideas for solutions to problems


Regular convenings for political and technology experts to forge alliances and share ideas


A large, experienced board of advisors that support our entrepreneurs in building better products, developing more sound business models, and navigating the political space


Regular research and analysis that advances the use of technology across progressive politics

Meet the people behind the mission

Meet Our People

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, focused around:


We hold ourselves to high standards of rigor, quality, accountability, timeliness, and responsiveness. Our investment approach is an efficient, evidence-based balance of art and science.

We value the money we invest as our own.

We consult widely, research deeply, and seek data to inform decisions.

We share well-founded, data-driven findings and data with ecosystem partners.


We treat all members of our community like family: with respect, honesty, dignity and support. We practice inclusion, build collaborative partnerships, and keep our commitments. Our investing, operating & political decisions put our mission & values first.

We select investors that align with our mission and ethos.

We invest responsibly and openly share deal information and valuations.

We provide transparent capital and equal support to our portfolio companies.


We believe there is always space to learn, grow and innovate. We ask difficult questions and challenge our existing assumptions. Our investing, operating, and political decisions allow for trial and error, value-educated risks, and trust in the vision and potential of our portfolio companies.

We look at concept, founding team, and viability of business before investing.

We challenge our portfolio companies to learn from their experience.

We listen more than we talk. We let experts shape our understanding of the challenges at hand.