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To centralize efforts, attract top talent, secure funding, and provide vital support, Higher Ground Labs launched the Progressive AI Lab

Our mission is to foster innovation, elevate research, and coordinate strategic priorities and best practices in the realm of AI for politics. The Lab serves as the hub for AI innovation within the Democratic and progressive landscape during the 2023-24 election cycle. 

Generative AI has become a powerful force driving transformation across industries, and its impact on politics cannot be underestimated. There is immense potential for generative AI to drive value, boost capability, and increase efficiency — and we are here to help unlock it.

Progressive AI LAB


Incubation Grants

Our AI incubation grants will play a catalytic role in teams incorporating AI into their work, driving immediate impact and efficiencies this cycle. Any type of organization, company, or individual is eligible to apply.

Community Building

The Lab is hosting AI Open Mics as well as several convenings in 2024 to grow and nurture the community of experts working at the intersection of AI and politics. By connecting organizers and campaigners to AI experts, we will facilitate and expedite knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Research & Insights

By funding and supporting this centralized effort, we demonstrate our commitment to grappling with generative AI and its role in our political process this cycle. Watch this space for applied research and analysis on AI’s role in politics and campaigns.