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Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ investment in RivalMind AI

Founded by Alyssa Batchelor-Causey and Nathan Staffel, with the assistance of Lindsey Kilpatrick and Dr. Stephen Boyce, RivalMind AI is a political intelligence and strategy platform that expedites research and builds knowledge profiles on both political rivals and allies – designed exclusively for Democratic groups and progressive organizations.

With RivalMind AI, organizations can:

  • Analyze and extract insights from hundreds of pages of information in minutes – saving hundreds of hours on research.
  • Draft messages and bullet points based on sentiment – perfect for pollsters and rapid response.
  • Develop intelligence dossiers on political rivals and allies that automatically update with each added piece of intelligence – and stay up to date with intelligent media alerts.
  • Store, organize, and build research, issue, and intelligence reports in a secure all-in-one platform.



In 2023, Alyssa launched Hill and State Strategies, a national opposition research firm dedicated to empowering Democratic campaigns with cutting-edge research methodologies. Recognizing a need for more efficient tools in the field, Alyssa brought together a talented team including Dr. Stephen Boyce and Lindsey Kilpatrick, along with Nathan Staffel, who previously developed internal intelligence systems for the FBI and then transitioned to building multimillion-dollar AI products in the startup sector. With the Higher Ground Labs Progressive AI Lab Grant, they co-founded Summit Labs Technologies, Inc., launching RivalMind AI as their first research product. 

Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations looking to enhance their political intelligence and strategy capabilities can join the RivalMind AI pilot program for a more targeted and effective approach to accountability.

HGL is the leading accelerator and venture fund for Democratic political technology. To date, we have invested in over 70 political technology startups and deployed over $53 million across four funds since 2017.