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Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ investment in BattlegroundAI

Higher Ground Labs is proud to announce our latest investment. BattlegroundAI is a platform that gives organizations at every level the tools they need to easily create high-performing paid advertising with the help of AI.

Founded by Maya Hutchinson and Henry Cyranka, BattlegroundAI helps candidates, campaigns, and causes rapidly deploy smarter, platform-specific advertising content.

With BattlegroundAI, advertisers can:

  • Generate ad inspiration right away, with no cost to get started
  • Access multiple language models in one place
  • Save and refine high-performing results, lowering costs while improving performance
  • Customize content for each ad platform and audience

BattlegroundAI is revolutionizing campaign efforts by saving staffers an average of 1 minute and 12 seconds per result. In recent tests, CPMs decreased by 18% using AI-generated copy, showcasing its potential for enhancing campaign efficiency. In December 2023, BattlegroundAI was one of 14 groups selected to receive an innovation grant from HGL’s Progressive AI Lab.

Maya and Henry both started their careers in progressive politics and campaigns, working on President Obama’s re-election campaign and the AFL-CIO respectively, then later collaborating at DKC Analytics while leading their advertising and polling efforts. Together, they bring over two decades of combined experience in data science and digital advertising across progressive organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

If you are a progressive agency, candidate, campaign, or organization looking to enhance your advertising strategies, join the BattlegroundAI beta to start developing more effective, impactful ads.

HGL looks forward to supporting this promising company as it accelerates in 2024 and beyond.

Higher Ground Labs is the leading funder, accelerator, and incubator of Democratic political technology. To date, we have invested in over 70 political technology startups and deployed over $53 million across four funds since 2017.

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