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Announcing our Cohort 5 Companies

2022 is a unique moment for America. Higher Ground Labs is proud to introduce you to ten companies who are ready to meet it. 

Our new Cohort 5 founders hail from every region of the US as well as the UK and Europe. They are Forbes 30 Under 30 laureates, serial tech entrepreneurs, top Democratic strategists, and more. They have built their careers at organizations like Google, Boston Consulting Group, MoveOn, Huffington Post, and Hawkfish. 

These companies are leveraging machine learning for voter contact, turbocharging digital media analytics, increasing efficacy in donor discovery, and much more to support progressive campaigns, organizations, and causes to be their best. We are betting on these companies to change the game. 

At HGL, we remain steadfast in our mission to invest in technologies that help progressives win. Innovation is by definition never complete and we have made it our business to ensure entrepreneurs can build new things to advance our politics. We have now invested in 55+ startups across the political tech ecosystem. Our portfolio companies’ uncapped ambitions and visions give us hope that we can meet the challenges in this midterm cycle and beyond. 

These companies live out our 2022 investment thesis of generating a 360-degree view of voters and volunteers, empowering progressive content creators, improving the direct-to-voter messaging experience, leveraging the power of Web3 in progressive tech, and fintech innovations for the progressive ecosystem.

Learn about them. Tell others about them.

This is HGL5:

Clipbook democratizes media monitoring, aggregation, and analysis services through a robust and easy-to-use platform.
eQual is a campaign technology platform that helps people-centered organizations put citizen-initiated measures on the ballot. 
EvenScore is a donor-centered all-in-one hub for discovery, donations, and engagement for progressive campaigns and organizations. The app allows donors to create a donor portfolio for cause discovery, donation opportunities, and impact monitoring.
INTRVL helps campaigns turbocharge their ad performance with advanced media optimization and audience research tools. These innovative tools make in-field media measurement more cost-efficient and insightful, unlocking 3x more effective ad buys without additional media spend.
JusticeText is building the first centralized infrastructure to store, catalog, analyze, and share video evidence in the criminal justice system. The platform is explicitly designed to improve outcomes for low-income criminal defendants by enabling greater transparency and accountability around police interactions.
Movement is the first organizing platform designed for trade unions. An API-first platform, its integrated communications offering includes SMS, phone, and email for the national, regional, and branch levels.
OpenGrants deploys modern financial infrastructure to support efficient, equitable, and transparent grant funding processes.
SpeechifAI offers AI powered software to generate authentic and organic social engagement. 
Unified helps organizers and activists build a better future through their social network for progressive change.
Wayside Press brings real-world politics to video games like never before. It is developing Political Arena, the first-ever comprehensive video game universe set in U.S. politics.