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Company Profile: Avalanche Insights

To consistently win elections and build power, Democrats need to better resonate with voters. Understanding those voters is the key.

Avalanche Insights is building a revolutionary technology to transform the way progressives understand people. They’ve developed a scalable approach to revealing how people think and feel about important issues. By leveraging cognitive science and AI technologies, Avalanche Insights empowers progressives with a deep understanding of the values, emotions, and priorities of their communities in order to resonate, mobilize, and win.

The process starts by prompting with  open-ended questions and gathering a representative sample of responses from target communities. These responses are analyzed to identify the values, emotions and priorities that will resonate broadly across the constituency and  deeply with specific segments

Avalanche translates the  insights to actionable recommendations on positioning, framing and messaging designed to best achieve strategic goals. Through this process, Avalanche empowers campaigns and causes with the ability to resonate and win.

Cofounders Michiah Prull and Tovah Paglaro started Avalanche Insights after careers in progressive politics and communications. Michiah served on both Obama presidential campaigns before moving to Evok Innovations, a cleantech venture capital firm. Tovah began as a film producer and TV executive before transitioning to work with progressive candidates and causes to build movements and win campaigns. Together, they formed Avalanche Insights to support progressive campaigns and causes.

During the 2017 Virginia election cycle, Avalanche partnered with six candidates to produce psychographic insights and persuasion ads. The ads had high virality and helped contribute to record turnout and five Democratic wins. Avalanche Insights is currently working with organizations like AFL-CIO, House Majority PAC, AFSCME and NARAL Pro-Choice America, as well as other Democratic campaigns across the country, to ensure progressives resonate and win in November.

Avalanche is committed to working towards a more just, equitable and sustainable future. They love tackling messaging challenges and would love to hear about yours!  If you’d like to connect with Avalanche Insights reach out to to connect with a member of their team.

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