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Company Profile: Call Time

How do candidates get in touch with donors? First, staffers work through address books and contact lists they receive from consultants, networks, and friends. Through a tedious process, they need to determine from those lists who to contact and why. That’s just the donor research part. Actual calls entail another set of tasks outside simply the manual labor of endless dialing: taking notes on conversations, deducing exactly who to call back and when, following up through email, lining up more calls, and repeat. No wonder fundraising is an unpopular task — but with Call Time, it doesn’t have to be.

Call Time propels campaigns to be faster, smarter, and more successful in fundraising through automation and artificial intelligence. First, it automates the donor research process, instantly identifying the most likely potential donors to a campaign by aggregating millions of social, political, and public data-points. Second, it provides online tools streamlining the process of placing, logging, and following up on fundraising calls. With Call Time, campaigns can reduce time spent on fundraising by 70%.

Dustin Buss and Adam Becker founded Call Time in 2017. Dustin brings over 15 years of experience as a startup executive and software engineer. He’s been a political donor, volunteer, and fundraiser, but has spent most of his professional career building tech tools that automate logistical and administrative processes like telephone fundraising. Adam entered the tech space via science: a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in astrophysics, he leveraged his physics background to start working in data science. He’s an experience startup advisor and co-founder, as well as a published astrophysicist.

Record numbers of new candidates are entering political races for the sake of their communities, but so many of them are losing time, caught in a tedious fundraising process. Dialing for dollars currently ranks #1 in terms of candidate time, occupying 30-40 hours a week in addition to extensive manual research into donor profiles. Call Time cuts back on both candidate and staff time, getting these movers and shakers off the phone and into the field. Their goal is simple but powerful: help candidates increase their fundraising yield, raising the most money in the least time possible.

Currently, Call Time is working with several exciting congressional races in the 2018 cycle. Campaigns are describing their product as game-changing and an enormous time-saver. The early momentum is exhilarating, and the team is working hard to help other progressives take back Congress and the White House.

Call Time is fundraising a seed round, and also working with pilot campaigns to test their beta product. Are you an investor looking to improve the political fundraising process or a campaign interested in trying Call Time? Visit them at and reach out to to connect with the Call Time team.