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Company Profile: Countable

In 2014, political gridlock ravaged the country. Congress was deeply ineffective and American citizens were disengaged with government and the political process. Entrepreneur Bart Myers and his founding team at Countable knew that democracy is not a spectator sport, and they created Countable to help engage citizens in the democratic process.

Countable provides enterprise tools to campaigns, nonprofits, unions, and other progressive groups that drive supporter engagement. The platform allows organizations to move their audience up the ladder of engagement to drive acquisition and donations, and to deepen audience investment in the cause. Countable Action clients have included Bernie Sanders, Win VA, Jon Ossoff, Chelsea Handler, GLAAD, Patagonia, the Los Angeles Times, and many more.

Countable is also a platform for individuals to engage in community around issues they care about. It began as a website and mobile app where users could contact their representatives, read political and legislative news, and interact with political content in an easy, digestible way. Since its founding five years ago, Countable has incorporated community into everything it does. The platform allows users to interact with one another, share their perspectives, and voice their opinions on the bills moving through Congress. Through the Countable platform, users can learn about issues and explore ideas different from their own, leading the country down a path that could one day end the frustrating gridlock that our country has faced for the past decade.

Recently, Countable acquired Brigade, a civic tech company working on election-oriented political engagement technology, and This acquisition expanded Countable’s ability to promote actions, causes, and issues to a much broader audience – over 190 million people. Countable has powered 20 million messages to Congress and Countable users have taken over 1 billion actions on the platform.

Countable’s business is not solely political. As we move towards 2020 and beyond, they are hoping to expand the capabilities to create regional sub-communities, who can use the platform to give local communities a space to become informed and engage with one another.

Interested in Countable? Sign up online to get updates on your representatives to keep them accountable in Washington. College students should check out the Countable University Program and Countable superfans should take a look at the Countable User Advisory Council. Countable is also hiring! See open positions here.