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Company Profile: Meet Grow Progress

Grow Progress helps strategists understand how to persuade more people. Here’s how they help you learn what actually works:

    • Learn what truly motivates the people you need to win over with our qualitative Audience Understanding tool.
    • Craft messages based on the insights you learn about what works best from our Persuasion Library — so you’re not throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.
  • TEST
    • Identify which of your messages or content work best to increase support by running scientific Rapid Message Tests.
    • Track how your content is moving people in the real world — and respond to any backlash — with our Tracking Surveys.

Want to learn more about how their tools can be useful to your work? Email to connect with the Grow Progress team.

Interested in joining their team? You can check out their open positions here.

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