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Company Profile: New/Mode

A lot of campaigns can get petitions signed. But when it comes to donating or turning out for events, they often face radio silence. So how can campaigns truly engage supporters, bridge those two stages, and ultimately win?

New/Mode is a new multi-channel civic engagement platform that makes it easy for causes to activate their supporters and connect them directly with their elected representatives — at the click of a button — in every communications channel. With New/Mode, cause supporters reach the decision-makers that matter with phone calls, emails, social posts, letters to editors and yes, even faxes. Modern cause campaigns win through this Full Spectrum Engagement.

Traditional advocacy technologies don’t scale and have declining impact. Too many organizations are stuck in the cycle of petition and donation ask, and research shows that supporters disengage without meaningful participation. New/Mode is helping causes build meaningful community power by empowering their supporters to keep the heat on elected representatives so they can’t be ignored.

Steve Anderson and Shamus Reid founded New/Mode in 2014 to put custom tech into more political campaigners’ pockets. Both come from campaigns — 10 years ago, Steve founded OpenMedia, a digital rights group that he led from a small newsletter to becoming one of the world’s largest and most successful online campaigning organizations. Shamus worked in student and labour movements, leading campaigns that won major education and public sector investments. They witnessed firsthand the locked potential of grassroots power and the tech needed to fuel that power.

Since launching two years ago, New/Mode’s platform has helped 150+ organizations mobilize 1.2 million people to surround decision-makers with 6 million emails, calls, Tweets, faxes, and letters in newspapers! And their subscribers are winning. Recent wins include state resolutions to curb Trump’s nuclear power, clean energy regulations, new health and child care programs, pay equity, anti-corruption laws and fair copyright reform.

If you’re running progressive cause campaigns, visit New/Mode at and book a demo! New/Mode is also kicking off a fundraising round to get their platform in the hands of thousands more important causes. If you’re interested in investing, reach out to to connect with the New/Mode team.