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Company Profile: Torch

Social media is a powerful tool for mobilizing communities, finding volunteers, raising money and sharing your message. Unfortunately, social platforms are fragmented, users are difficult to verify, and the politics, advocacy and philanthropy sectors consistently struggle to reach the right audience. Torch was created by Rick Greenberg and Mike Seiler to enable groups and leaders to learn about their respective communities and constituencies more efficiently and effectively, which helps them find new voices, new ideas, and new leaders. 

Torch’s focused social media database delivers the most relevant social media intelligence for politics, advocacy, and philanthropy. Their social media data come exclusively from the universe of relevant social conversations: more than 2 million unique elected officials, nonprofit organizations, foundations, activists, and donors. And Torch’s social media intelligence is linked to digital and place-based contact information, which makes Torch insights actionable for influence-building, knowledge-building, and fundraising. With Torch, organizations can do things like create watchlists to analyze digital media outreach to donors and find local or national organizations that care about the same issues as you and monitor their digital outreach.

Co-founders Mike and Rick built Torch out of a desire to help even the playing field online for mission-driven organizations. Through transparency, knowledge and connectivity, Torch works with progressive elected officials, grant-making foundations, advocacy groups and corporate social responsibility teams across the US to create positive social change. Interested in learning more about Torch? Visit and check out Torch Light, a free preview of the powerful Torch Pro database.