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Company Profile: Wethos

Compelling content creation and digital advertising are vital to a brand’s success. Issue advocacy movements and electoral campaigns are no different from large-scale consumer businesses — they must develop an engaged base of supporters by managing their online presence and constantly iterating on their communications strategy. However, most campaigns and organizations cannot afford outside digital consultants or full-time, in-house digital teams, which can force them to contract individual experts to handle all responsibilities.   

Wethos is here to change that. Through its proprietary tech platform, Wethos quickly curates flexible teams of 4,000+ vetted creative and marketing freelance specialists to solve rapidly-evolving problems. Wethos’ Account Strategists connect with clients to flesh out their core digital needs, and then within 72 hours, the strategist assembles a team that can support anything from brand strategy, to social media management, to content creation, to website development, to paid media operations. 

Wethos was founded by three women — Rachel Renock, Claire Humphreys, and Kristen Ablamsky — who all left their jobs as advertising executives to pursue a more meaningful and meritocratic future for the industry. They found that the corporate advertising industry wasted resources, failed to pay staff equitable wages, and lacked a sense of mission in its work. 

Wethos’ remote yet complex structure reflects the mission of the organization: to connect those looking for mission-driven work with the organizations around the country that need them most. With a workforce that’s increasingly remote, agile, diverse, and craving purpose, Wethos operates in a collaborative future — one where people can come together to accelerate social and economic progress at 100x the speed they do today.

Since Wethos’ inception, the team has primarily supported nonprofits with short-term initiatives and long-term projects, but is now breaking into the political industry. In 2018, they mobilized a team for the organization All Voting is Local that helped recruit 3,000 poll workers to fight voter suppression with clever digital strategies. Recently, they built a creative team for Lauren Underwood’s (IL-14) reelection campaign and hope to do the same for others running in 2020.
If your organization or campaign is in need of creative support, email to connect with a team strategist and receive a personalized action plan within 24 hours, free of charge. If you’re a digital specialist looking to realize more impact through your work, sign up here.