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Get Ready to Vote with BallotReady

Alex Niemczewski, founder of BallotReady, and her team want to make it easier for everyone to get out and vote. And they’ve done just that. Their comprehensive voter guides and, now, their vote by mail tool, walk voters through the entire VBM process from requesting a ballot to sending it off. 

Here’s five things BallotReady is doing to help voters get to the polls: 

1. Every Candidate and Referendum, Explained. 
BallotReady is “all about making voters feel ready to vote” – and not just for the President. BallotReady prepares you by providing information on every race and referendum down the ticket. When you’re ready to cast your vote, you can open the app and see all your selected ballot choices right there.

2. Information Right From the Source
Gathering content from candidate’s websites, social media, press, and county board of elections, BallotReady aggregates non-partisan information that you can trust. And they link it right back to the source. 

3. Make A Plan to Vote
After you’ve created your custom ballot, BallotReady will help you make a plan to vote. From voting in person to voting by mail, it will take you step-by-step on how, when, and where to cast your ballot safely and on-time. 

 4. Comprehensive Ballot Request and Chase Program
BallotReady launched a new vote by mail tool, CivicEngine, that makes voting by mail easier than ever. Backed by America’s largest election database, CivicEngine ensures voters receive and return their ballots on time. You can schedule a demo to see how CivicEngine can work for your organization.

5. Partnering with the Sites You Use Most
BallotReady partners with  campaigns, organizations, and your favorite apps to ensure they are turning out the vote everywhere. Recently? Snapchat. Using the “Mini” feature, you can register to vote right through the Snapchat app and send it to your friends to get them registered too. 

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