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Have you selected your 2022 campaign tech stack?

Independence Day will be here shortly. You know what that means- it’s time to finish selecting campaign tech for the 2022 midterms

In addition to fireworks, barbeques, and celebrating patriotic values that are so closely connected to why we all work diligently to create a more perfect union, it’s also an important new target deadline for choosing tech for this year’s electoral cycle. 

As we shared last year, according to a large market survey conducted in 2020, many campaigns reported waiting to finalize their tech platform until after Labor Day. While many factors contribute to the delay in selection, there are significant opportunity costs with this delayed timeline. For example, when campaign teams wait to implement their tech stacks in September, they lose valuable time needed to set up and roll out their platforms, train volunteers, and maximize the use of their tech investments. By the time Election Day comes in November, many staff and volunteers are only just getting accustomed to their new tools rather than effectively using them to get out the vote. 

By streamlining this timeline and aiming to invest in campaign tech by Independence Day, campaigns can gain the precious time to understand and fully utilize their tools. The implementation runway is crucial for campaign organizers to feel confident in the tech they are using and ensure proper data management across the organization. Successful broadcasting, fundraising, and volunteer programs need to be prioritized in earlier stages to maximize tools for your campaigns. 

Here are some resources to assist your campaigns in selecting tech this year: 

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions! @highergroundlab on Twitter.