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Announcing our 2023 HGL6 Accelerator Companies

With a sharp eye toward 2024, Higher Ground Labs is proud to introduce you to eight promising startups pushing political tech to new heights.

Our sixth accelerator cohort joins us from Atlanta to Arkansas to New York. They have a breadth and depth of experience — in roles including presidential campaign strategists, digital media experts, and AI engineers — from organizations like the DNC, Peace Corps, and Twitter.

They are building products focused on empowering donors through innovative fundraising tactics, supporting organizers through seamless data integrations, and reaching marginalized voters through trusted messengers. They are leveraging generative AI for rapid response, deploying relational organizing to unlock social capital, and transforming the relationship between elected representatives and the communities they serve.

We believe these founders are reinventing the role of technology in politics.

To date, HGL has invested in 60+ startups. This year we are working to invest in unmet ecosystem-wide needs through our 2023 investment thesis. We are betting on these companies to address movement-wide gaps such as improving data accessibility, solving for down-ballot campaigns, simplifying donor tracking and compliance, advancing the applications of AI, developing FinTech for campaigns, and supporting infrastructure for the future of work.

This is HGL6:

Chorus AI helps win campaigns through human-centered software that turns every campaign staffer into a 10x digital organizer by increasing content production, keeping campaigns connected to the attention cycle and social graph, and optimizing creative for each member of a campaign audience.

Founders: Aaron Myran, Tareq Alani, Sam Landenwitsch
Daisychain is a modern toolset that helps progressive organizations engage their audiences through personalized outreach, powerful workflows, and seamless integrations.

Founders: Jon Warnow, Nathan Woodhull
CIVA, powered by Election Bridge, is a civic intelligence platform that effectively connects organizations with their members. They bring democracy closer to you by connecting members and supporters with relevant elected officials, resources, and projects.

Founders: Ackeem Evans, Jermaine Hartsfield
GoodChange is the intersection of responsive financial technology and advocacy fundraising. Combining the latest fintech and financial management innovations with proven fundraising strategies, GoodChange helps advocates easily reach, convert, and engage new and existing donors.

Founders: Becky Pittman, Emily Wineland
Oath is a political advising platform that empowers Democratic donors to maximize their impact. They provide guidance and tools that identify the most critical races in need of support to eliminate wasteful spending and protect donors from spam.

Founders: Brian Derrick, Taylor Ourada
Relentless is an organizing company with a mission to unlock political power. Their flagship product, Rally, is built to scale and measure relational organizing programs.

Founders: Davis Leonard, Greta Carnes, Zoe Stein
Rep’d, short for “Represented”, is the first on-demand Town Hall for communities and leaders. They provide a designated digital space for communities to ask questions and for leaders to respond personally with short video answers, accessible on any schedule. Their mission is to bridge the widening trust gap between communities and their leaders in both politics and local government.

Founders: Mike Baumwoll, Mark Friese
Social Currant matches impact organizations, nonprofits, and purpose-driven organizations with creators on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube to drive awareness, get out the vote, and increase impact. Their all-in-one platform helps organizations find mission-aligned organizations, build relationships with them, and automate the busy work of contracts, payments, and 1099s.

Founders: Ashwath Narayanan, Vidyut Ghuwalewala, Ellie Artone

Outside of the accelerator, we are proud to have invested in Quiller through a partnership with Authentic. Quiller is an AI copilot that helps Democratic campaigns and allied organizations draft and deploy high-quality, effective fundraising content. It helps your team save precious time and energy so they can focus on running creative, data-driven digital programs.

These companies will change — and define — the game.

Learn about them. Support them. Tell others about them: