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Introducing SpeechifAI

It’s no secret that social media has the power to give people around the world a global voice. However, in our digitally-native society where so much of our communication takes place almost entirely online, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to find an audience on social media and have a meaningful voice (only 10% of Twitter users produce 80% of the content). 

With years of experience at the intersection of communications and technology, founders Tudor Mihailescu and Valentin Kassarnig know how daunting it can be to feel excluded from having a voice in the ever-changing social media landscape. Together, they set out to build technology that has a positive impact on millions of people around the world. SpeechifAI was born.

SpeechifAI’s mission is to democratize online communications and help online communities collectively leverage the voice of their followers in driving online action to spark change

Most recently, the company has launched a beta version of a writing assistant that analyzes a user’s social media post, suggests ways to improve it to generate higher social engagement and provides a new text version that implements the suggestions given. All in under 10 seconds! 

Co-Founder Valentin Kassarnig recently told us, “When Covid came along, a lot of people were forced to move all their communications online which they were not prepared to. We have identified an opportunity to help those people to express themselves properly and effectively in the online space.

As a technology startup offering AI-powered software for generating organic social engagement, SpeechifAI acts on its founding principle by empowering users to create compelling and authentic social media posts to their favorite online audiences. 

Start amplifying your voice and growing your community by using SpeechifAI for free today at