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Rally Relentless founding team

Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ investment in Rally by Relentless

Higher Ground Labs is proud to announce our latest investment: Rally by Relentless

Relational organizing has increasingly become a critical strategy to reach, persuade, and mobilize voters. Rally is a relational network that empowers campaigns, advocacy organizations, and individuals to reach, persuade, and activate their communities on Election Day and beyond.

Co-founders Davis Leonard, Zoe Stein, Greta Carnes, and Nora Grossman scaled the relational organizing programs behind some of the most critical elections in recent history. They’ve also built consumer-facing civic tech products from the ground up. Not only does Relentless run scaled relationship-based advocacy programs, it also powers the product Rally which makes this fundamental organizing tactic accessible to progressive organizations nationwide.

How does Rally work? This relational platform: 

  1. Allows users to map and mobilize their various networks.
  2. Provides campaigns and organizations with the ability to manage these mobilizers at scale and measure the efficacy of their programs. 
  3. Builds a social graph of who knows whom, which belongs to users and exists past an individual election. Rally users keep the data of their mapped contacts of each race and cycle — so mobilizers that return to turn out their communities are prepared to hit the ground running in each consequent election. 

Rally formally launched in September 2022. In just a few months, Rally built a peer-to-peer network of hundreds of thousands of hard-to-reach voters, with an average voter file match rate of 87.6% across all states and programs. 

A network’s power lies in the extent to which it is activated – and 77% of contacts in the Rally network received at least one relational touch from a trusted messenger by the end of the cycle. By the end of 2022, Rally was utilized by statewide campaigns and organizations in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa. 

Most recently, in Georgia, they hired 1,300 community ambassadors who rallied nearly 70,000 of their friends and family to vote for Raphael Warnock. Of the voters in their network, 23% had not voted in the 2020 election — and they were able to reach voters in 96% of Georgia’s counties and 94% of precincts across the state.

We are looking forward to being a part of Relentless’ exciting new chapter of growth. 

HGL is a venture fund and ecosystem builder investing in technology for political progress. To date, we have invested in nearly 70 political technology startups and deployed over $50 million across three funds since 2017.