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Making the shift online

Because of our nation’s response to COVID-19, campaigns have been forced to move all of their operations online. Campaign teams are working remotely for the first time ever. Volunteers have to engage from their living rooms instead of in field offices. Fundraisers have been cancelled and rallies seem nearly impossible to imagine. 

Campaigns have had to shift their strategies and tactics overnight to reflect the virtual reality we are all currently living in. The electoral goalposts have not changed and the stakes have never been more clear. We have a critical Election to win in November.  

For an under-resourced and high pressure industry, these dramatic shifts can feel insurmountable. Despite the challenges, we have been encouraged by the response from campaigns, volunteers, and technology providers alike. People are participating. Campaigns are adapting. Voters are engaging. Many of the platforms in our portfolio are helping facilitate this new level of engagement and are seeing higher levels of usage and engagement.  NewMode saw a 49% increase in advocacy actions over the past two weeks. CallTime AI has seen a 56% increase in the number of new campaigns who signed up this month, relative to last month. Many of our voter outreach tools have seen increased interest and engagement from campaigns and organizations where digital organizing has gone from nice-to-have to essential. Even with all the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding this moment, we are finding signs of hope and determination in this community. 

Are you pivoting your strategy and wondering what technology might help you do so? Check out this guide, created by Tech Yourself. 

Companies in our portfolio have provided additional resources to our broader community as well. Check them out here: