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Meet Greenfly

Higher Ground Labs recently invested in a technology startup called Greenfly

Greenfly is an advocacy platform that enables campaigns to manage, exchange, and communicate media with supporters who then organically spread the campaign’s message on social media platforms. Using Greenfly, campaigns are able to track performance and identify what content is performing best with which audiences. HGL met Greenfly early in the cycle thanks to our friends at Alpha Edison. We witnessed Greenfly’s remarkable adoption success within the Democratic Party, including by the Biden Harris Campaign, the Democratic National Convention, Bullock Campaign, and Bloomberg Campaign. Greenfly’s rapid ascent was thanks in part to tech-forward strategists like Lindsay Holst and Katy Rose Glickman (both close friends of HGL!) who recognized Greenfly’s potential in politics.

HGL has repeatedly identified the alarming trends in diminished social trust. We believe that peer-to-peer conversations must form the foundation for future digital persuasion and mobilization programs. The political-ad bans by most major technology platforms have added an alarming accelerant to this need by cutting off digital paid persuasion programs. Thankfully, Greenfly represents a valuable bulwark to the headwinds of diminished social trust and political ad bans. We have been continually impressed by Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner’s consistency, thoughtfulness, and commitment to the progressive mission. We welcome Greenfly to the HGL family and can’t wait to introduce them to you.