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Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ investment in Momentum

Higher Ground Labs is proud to announce our latest investment: Momentum. Momentum is an innovative AI and behavioral science donor engagement platform for fundraisers, helping organizations enrich their relationships with donors and enhance fundraising initiatives.

Founded by Nick Fitz, Momentum was born out of a behavioral psychology research lab at Duke University. Momentum is a fundraising platform that gives fundraisers access to multiple donor engagement tools, streamlining a fundraiser’s workflow by allowing them to learn about their donors, reduce manual tasks, and strengthen relationships that lead to major gifts.

With Momentum, fundraisers can: 

  • Receive donations through a Momentum donation page
  • Identify potential major or mid-level donors 
  • Receive custom donor plans to capture high-value donations
  • Draft emails alongside the Momentum AI Fundraising Assistant


In 2020, Momentum led the Defeat by Tweet campaign, raising over $16M from 30,000+ donors in just over 3 months, before donating all of the money raised to progressive swing states. Since Momentum’s founding, the platform has transacted over $30M from 50k+ donors.

If you are an organization or campaign searching to increase your fundraising efficiency, reach out to Momentum. HGL looks forward to supporting this promising company as they accelerate in 2024 and beyond.

HGL is the leading accelerator and venture fund for progressive political technology. To date, we have invested in over 70 political technology startups and deployed over $53 million across four funds since 2017.

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