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Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Campaign

The AI Edition of our annual Political Tech Landscape Report, focused on the emerging use cases, needs, gaps, and opportunities presented by the introduction of generative AI in politics.

Spotlighting Challenges: Media Consumption & Influence

In the second installment of the series “Spotlighting Challenges,” HGL interviews Mike Schenider and Carahna Batiste of Bully Pulpit International (BPI) to learn more about media consumption and ways campaigns can be prepared during the 2024 Presidential Election and beyond.

Spotlighting Challenges: The Role of Generative AI in the 24 Election & Beyond

By: Ali Talib (Program Manager at HGL) and Leah Bae (VP of Programs & Partnerships at HGL) In the fast-evolving landscape of political campaigns, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Embracing new technology isn’t just a choice but a necessity in how we implement and design our strategies. As we navigate the challenges faced […]

Announcing HGL’s Progressive AI Lab Grant Recipients

With 2024 around the corner, Higher Ground Labs’ Progressive AI Lab has awarded 14 incubation grants to organizations and individuals innovating with generative AI. The Progressive AI Lab is the hub for AI innovation within the Democratic and progressive landscape for the upcoming election cycle — and these grant recipients are integral players in this […]