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Contingency Planning for Campaign Season

By: Leah Soffer and Danielle Winterhalter As the seasons change and the most consequential election of our lives is just 36 days away, the harsh reality of the ongoing global pandemic is hitting campaigns in new ways, every single day.  Like many, we at SpeakEasy are driven by caffeine-fueled nights, with the camaraderie of our […]

3 Million and Counting: Company Spotlight, Mobilize

Last week Mobilize celebrated 3 million supporters turning their passion into action. We sat down with Valentine Ollawa, Director of Client Success, to discuss how they’ve helped organizers and volunteers take action this cycle.  Congratulations on crossing 3 million supporters on Mobilize!Thank you! It’s a huge accomplishment for us as a company – especially knowing […]

Relational FTW: Company Spotlight, Outvote

Outvote is a relational organizing tool that has taken the progressive space by storm. Founded in 2018, Outvote is being used by staff and volunteers on campaigns up and down the ballot and organizations pushing for social change. We sat down with Emily DaSilva, COO of Outvote, to discuss the innovative ways clients have adopted […]

Get Ready to Vote with BallotReady

Alex Niemczewski, founder of BallotReady, and her team want to make it easier for everyone to get out and vote. And they’ve done just that. Their comprehensive voter guides and, now, their vote by mail tool, walk voters through the entire VBM process from requesting a ballot to sending it off.  Here’s five things BallotReady […]

5 reasons to consider becoming a progressive startup founder

Has anyone ever told you that *you* should consider becoming a founder of a progressive technology startup? Well, we just did! Starting a company is a way for you to use your creativity and expertise to solve real problems that you understand better than anyone else. It takes commitment, perseverance, and vision – but ultimately […]