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Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ investment in Winnable

Higher Ground Labs is proud to announce our latest investment: Winnable. Winnable is a platform that helps campaigns and causes create high-quality websites in minutes, with no startup fee. 

Co-founded by AJ Kahle and Matt Gruhn, Winnable is a website builder for campaigns that simplifies the process of building and maintaining a website with essential features. This includes connections to common political tools such as NGP, Votebuilder, and ActBlue, web accessibility, mobile-first design, and built-in SEO.  

With Winnable, campaigns can get a fully functional website that can launch in minutes that features:

  1. User-friendly interface and no coding needed
  2. Mobile-optimized design
  3. Full compliance with web accessibility standards, including support for screen readers and color contrast requirements
  4. Easy-to-use templates to make content and design simple


Winnable is one of 14 recipients recently awarded an
HGL Progressive AI Lab grant to leverage the power of AI for down ballot campaigns and causes.

Co-founders AJ and Matt have spent six years building websites at their consulting firm Blueshift Technologies. In that time they’ve built and maintained sites for international nonprofits, nationwide advocacy campaigns, campaigns as small as a school board, and everything in between. They’ve built, maintained, and upgraded websites for Nancy Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries, and even Higher Ground Labs!

If you are a progressive organization or campaign in search of your easy go-to website solution, reach out to Winnable. HGL looks forward to supporting these promising founders as they accelerate into 2024.

HGL is the leading accelerator and venture fund for progressive political technology. To date, we have invested in nearly 70 political technology startups and deployed over $50 million across four funds since 2017.

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