Our portfolio’s impact in the 2022 midterms

We are just a few days out from the 2022 midterm elections. Campaigners and activists have been organizing toward this moment for many months, and in many cases, years. Regardless of the outcome on November 8th, one thing that’s certain is the campaigning impact and innovation value created from this cycle. This article is dedicated […]

Take the 2022 Election Tech Survey

Every cycle, Higher Ground Labs conducts the Election Tech Survey to better understand the trends, use cases, and gaps in political tech. We field this research biennially to help inform, analyze, and plan for the progressive movement’s tech needs. If you are a campaign professional, digital organizer, or progressive technologist — we would love your […]

Have you selected your 2022 campaign tech stack?

Independence Day will be here shortly. You know what that means- it’s time to finish selecting campaign tech for the 2022 midterms!  In addition to fireworks, barbeques, and celebrating patriotic values that are so closely connected to why we all work diligently to create a more perfect union, it’s also an important new target deadline […]

Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ Investment in Endaoment

Higher Ground Labs has invested in Endaoment, a platform designed to make the process of donating cryptocurrencies to nonprofits seamless for all involved. As cryptocurrency adoption increases across the United States, Endaoment is building the infrastructure to create a lasting culture of philanthropy within this growing space.  Endaoment offers crypto donors industry low (1.5%) fees […]

Introducing Unified

Eager to find a streamlined approach to promoting political and social causes after the 2016 and 2020 elections, Unified Co-Founder and CEO Shion Deysarkar set out to make organizing and activism a more fun, joyful, and community-driven experience. Shion believes that the core source of political power comes from the grassroots community.   “After the 2020 […]

Introducing SpeechifAI

It’s no secret that social media has the power to give people around the world a global voice. However, in our digitally-native society where so much of our communication takes place almost entirely online, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to find an audience on social media and have a meaningful voice (only 10% […]

Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ Investment in Community

Higher Ground Labs, the leading accelerator and venture fund for Democratic political technology, has invested in Community, an innovative text messaging platform that empowers campaigns, brands, nonprofits, and public figures to authentically connect with their supporters and customers at scale. As the Covid-19 pandemic escalated our collective sense of loneliness and accelerated our shift to […]

Announcing The Good Catch: a security bug bounty program

Higher Ground Labs, in partnership with Trestle Collaborative and Zinc Collective, is excited to announce The Good Catch — a security bug bounty program for 2022 campaigns, and we want YOU to join the effort! In recent years, security has been at the top of mind for political campaigns. We’ve seen a number of targeted […]

2021 Political Tech Landscape Report

This is Higher Ground Labs’ 2021 update to our Political Tech Landscape Report.  This report comes at a challenging time for our democracy. Disinformation, polarization, military aggression, and the enduring pandemic continue to shake the fabric of our civic life.  With this backdrop, our community has swung into action. In 2021, we saw significant activity […]