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Apply for the 2018 HGL Accelerator Cohort

When I read Twitter on my way into work every morning, the pit in my stomach tightens. The action or lack thereof coming from our elected officials right now makes me mad and sad. Like many of us, I am completely unwilling and unable to get used to the current state of our country as […]

Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ $1.5M initial investment in our inaugural cohort

Companies Have Cutting Edge Technology to Help Close ‘Progressive Tech Gap’ Higher Ground Labs, the leading innovative incubator and accelerator for progressive political and campaign technology, has deployed nearly $1.5 million to 10 groundbreaking companies that will begin supercharging progressive campaign technology. Each company is an early-stage political technology business that is developing innovative, cutting […]

Higher Ground Labs: A Way to Build Tech That Helps Democrats Win

As we launch Higher Ground Labs, we figured it might be useful to explain why we think our approach — investing in and actively accelerating for-profit startups that are building tools, data, analytics, and other technologies for Democratic campaigns — can help Democrats win new majorities up and down the ballot. In the decade before […]

Progressive Leaders Create Higher Ground Labs to Overcome the “Progressive Tech Gap”

For the last two decades, progressives have relied on Democratic presidential campaigns to pioneer new campaign technology. The result has been quadrennial waves of national-scale systems hacked together under incredible pressure, often shut down immediately after election day, and generating few tech, data, or analytics products that are effective for lower-level campaigns. Meanwhile, conservatives like […]