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Announcing Higher Ground Labs’ Investment in Community

Higher Ground Labs, the leading accelerator and venture fund for Democratic political technology, has invested in Community, an innovative text messaging platform that empowers campaigns, brands, nonprofits, and public figures to authentically connect with their supporters and customers at scale. As the Covid-19 pandemic escalated our collective sense of loneliness and accelerated our shift to […]

Higher Ground Labs Announces Leadership Transition

February 1, 2022 Shomik Dutta, HGL’s co-founder and partner, announced today that after nearly 6 years, he is leaving his full-time role at Higher Ground Labs. Shomik will continue to be involved as a board member and in all investment decisions through the duration of Fund III, but he will transition out of his day-to-day […]

The EveryAction Acquisition: Where do we go from here?

Last month, EveryAction announced that it had been acquired by Apax Partners and will merge with two other companies. This $2 billion deal is unprecedented in political technology. The acquisition multiple is higher than what we have seen from past transactions and this change of ownership control raises legitimate questions about the future of the […]

Celebrating the Acquisition of Mobilize

EveryAction Acquires Mobilize Today, EveryAction announced its acquisition of a Higher Ground Labs portfolio company, Mobilize. This combination represents one of the larger deals in political and nonprofit tech and ensures the permanent and robust presence of one of the progressive movement’s most impactful technological innovations. Mobilize and HGL have been in lock step since […]

HGL Relational Follow-On Investment

Background  Since early 2017, Higher Ground Labs has invested aggressively behind the promise of relational organizing tech startups. In 2018, the Analyst Institute study showed that political messages from friends dramatically outperform any and all other modes of political communication – furthering our conviction in relational contact as a core campaign tactic.  Despite this incontrovertible […]

Announcing our 2019 cohort

Higher Ground Labs started as an experiment. Progressive politics was not innovating quickly enough to keep pace with broader technological change and shifts in American attention. Presidential campaigns historically served as the only hubs for innovation, and their episodic reality prevented new technologies from having lasting impacts. If progressives were to realize an enduring electoral […]

Apply for the 2019 HGL Accelerator Cohort

Two years ago, we founded Higher Ground Labs to build a center of gravity for progressive political technology. We know political technology is a broken part of the campaign ecosystem. We hope Higher Ground Labs is part of a solution.   Since launch, we have seeded 24 startups through our accelerator program, brought together hundreds […]

Announcing Our Second Cohort

We are thrilled to announce our 2018 accelerator cohort! These 13 start-ups address a broad range of challenges in politics, ranging from polling solutions to psychographic mapping & persuasion testing to volunteer engagement. Selected from a pool of over 90 applications, these companies are strong signals of what is possible. In addition to receiving capital […]