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RivalMind AI

RivalMind AI is a political intelligence and strategy platform that expedites research and builds knowledge profiles on both political rivals and allies – designed exclusively for Democratic groups and progressive organizations.  


DonorAtlas cuts out the manual work of finance research and lets you find donors in seconds.  


BattlegroundAI is a platform that gives organizations at every level the tools they need to easily create high-performing paid advertising with the help of AI.


Momentum is an innovative AI and behavioral science donor engagement platform for fundraisers, helping organizations enrich their relationships with donors and enhance fundraising initiatives.


Winnable is a website builder for campaigns that simplifies the process of building and maintaining a website with essential features. This includes connections to common political tools such as NGP, Votebuilder, and ActBlue, web accessibility, mobile-first design, and built-in SEO.   With Winnable, campaigns can get a fully functional website that can launch in minutes that […]


Fathom is a platform to understand any community in their own words. Fathom is a game-changing text analytics solution that delivers unparalleled nuance, customization and context adaptability. By leveraging our unique combination of AI and human judgement, market researchers, consumer and community insights teams and public opinion firms have already transformed more than 20 million verbatim and […]


Quiller is an AI copilot that helps Democratic campaigns and allied organizations draft and deploy high-quality, effective fundraising content. It helps your team save precious time and energy so they can focus on running creative, data-driven digital programs.


CIVA (fka Election Bridge) is a civic intelligence platform that effectively connects organizations with their members. They bring democracy closer to you by connecting members and supporters with relevant elected officials, resources, and projects.


Rep’d, short for “Represented”, is the first on-demand Town Hall for communities and leaders. They provide a designated digital space for communities to ask questions and for leaders to respond personally with short video answers, accessible on any schedule. Their mission is to bridge the widening trust gap between communities and their leaders in both […]


GoodChange is the intersection of responsive financial technology and advocacy fundraising. Combining the latest fintech and financial management innovations with proven fundraising strategies, GoodChange helps advocates easily reach, convert, and engage new and existing donors.


Oath is a political advising platform that empowers Democratic donors to maximize their impact. They provide guidance and tools that identify the most critical races in need of support to eliminate wasteful spending and protect donors from spam.


Daisychain is a modern toolset that helps progressive organizations engage their audiences through personalized outreach, powerful workflows, and seamless integrations.