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Relentless is an organizing company with a mission to unlock political power. Their flagship product, Rally, is built to scale and measure relational organizing programs.

Chorus AI

Chorus AI helps win campaigns through human-centered software that turns every campaign staffer into a 10x digital organizer by increasing content production, keeping campaigns connected to the attention cycle and social graph, and optimizing creative for each member of a campaign audience.

Social Currant

Social Currant matches impact organizations, nonprofits, and purpose-driven organizations with creators on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube to drive awareness, get out the vote, and increase impact. Their all-in-one platform helps organizations find mission-aligned organizations, build relationships with them, and automate the busy work of contracts, payments, and 1099s.


Peoplehood is a digital-first, relational fitness platform designed to facilitate guided group conversations at scale. It is a first-of-its-kind practice designed to improve relationships, starting with the self. Co-founded by the team behind SoulCycle.


We build our application and on-chain contracts from the ground up with decentralized software, services and design practices in mind. Using the combined efforts of Endaoment and Endaoment.Tech, we’re bringing composable, compliant and tax-efficient services to market.


Community is an innovative text messaging platform that empowers campaigns, brands, nonprofits, and public figures to authentically connect with their supporters and customers at scale.


Kiip provides a platform for individuals to freely, simply, and securely store and manage their personal vital documents from anywhere, on any device, enabling safer and faster sharing of their information with organizations when applying for benefits and services.


Movement is the first organizing platform designed for trade unions. An API-first platform, its integrated communications offering includes SMS, phone, and email for the national, regional, and branch levels.


JusticeText is building the first centralized infrastructure to store, catalog, analyze, and share video evidence in the criminal justice system. The platform is explicitly designed to improve outcomes for low-income criminal defendants by enabling greater transparency and accountability around police interactions.


SoSha (fka SpeechifAI) offers AI-powered software to generate authentic and organic social engagement.


eQual is a campaign technology platform that helps people-centered organizations put citizen-initiated measures on the ballot.


INTRVL helps campaigns turbocharge their ad performance with advanced media optimization and audience research tools. These innovative tools make in-field media measurement more cost-efficient and insightful, unlocking 3x more effective ad buys without additional media spend.