EvenScore is a donor-centered all-in-one hub for discovery, donations, and engagement for progressive campaigns and organizations. The app allows donors to create a donor portfolio for cause discovery, donation opportunities, and impact monitoring.


Unified helps organizers and activists build a better future through their social network for progressive change.


OpenGrants deploys modern financial infrastructure to support efficient, equitable, and transparent grant funding processes.


Harmful content and misinformation continue to proliferate on the internet. Unitary’s state-of-the-art technology flags inappropriate content by interpreting online content at scale and incorporating context to better understand it.


Datadat is a Europe-based software company that specializes in helping a wide variety of political and social organizations – including political parties, candidates, NGOs, social movements, and digital communities – transform how they engage and interact with their supporters. Datadat’s solutions range from off-the-shelf products such as WinWith.Me, the Messenger for political leaders, to highly- […]

B Generous

Powering nonprofits and donors to achieve more together using financial technology for good.


Vocal is a digital storytelling partner for high impact causes and campaigns. We help brands reach young audiences through our network of online creators and their communities.


Kazm uses AI to power web3 communities of the future. We organize on- and off- chain data to make it universally accessible and useful, and help projects acquire, engage, and reward members.

Goodstock & Co.

Goodstock & Co believes in the power of your brand to create, connect, and empower individuals and communities to build a more equal and inclusive America. We are committed to creating good products, connecting good people, and celebrating good causes. Our online self-service platform helps campaigns maximize the fundraising & visibility benefits of a merch […]


Votus is a communication platform that helps organizations build community by talking and listening to their supporters across multiple online platforms. Votus’s software helps organizations identify and engage their supporters through 1:1 conversations across different social networks at scale. True community is built through real conversations with real people.

Measure Studio

Measure Studio is the premier content intelligence engine for publishers, brands, campaigns, and causes. We provide a secure, turnkey environment for managing social media analytics across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Measure Studio makes centralizing and analyzing your social media data easy so you and your team can focus on what you do best: making […]


Universe is a campaign-in-a-box for underserved local organizers. We provide affordable data services, outreach tools, and owned media to grassroots campaigns of any size to ensure Democratic and progressive organizers are equipped to engage at every level of civic discourse – up and down the ballot.