Unpacking is an online learning platform for gamified diversity training. We power interactive experiences and analytics to improve organizational cultures.


Bluelink lets non-technical users easily set up data flows between tools so their campaigns and groups can automatically run processes — like registering voters or thanking donors — saving time and money for strategic work while using context to improve the voter/supporter experience. For software teams, Bluelink reduces integration costs so they can focus on […]


Paladin’s mission is to increase access to justice by helping legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs. We work with AmLaw250 firms, Fortune 500s, and Bar Associations to increase pro bono engagement and impact.


Launch virtual events that raise money, look great, and engage your audience. Bring your community’s voice on screen with fundraising graphics and live chat with brand-safe moderation. Design great-looking live streams on social media, a branded event page, or both. Hovercast also offers remote production support with white-glove service to help you pull off broadcast-quality […]


Greenfly was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to fuel brand love through authenticity. Emotional connection is the key to building a brand that people love. You can’t buy it – brand love is earned through genuine interactions, personal connections and real word-of-mouth. Our mission is to create new ways for brands to win […]


Civitech’s flagship product CampaignOS is a campaign integration platform that will support candidates with modern executive dashboard functionality.


Deck helps progressive campaigns and advocacy organizations reach the right people the right way at the right moment. Deck predicts who your exact supporters are and tells you the most effective way to engage them. It also shows you how you’re doing and helps you understand how that’s changing over time.


Whether you are running a campaign, cause or organization, OutreachCircle makes it easy for your supporters to help you succeed. And we make it simple for you to recruit, track, and manage your supporters and their efforts. OutreachCircle’s Supporter Action Hub allows your supporters to find all the ways they can help your efforts. When […]


Wethos deploys responsive teams of creative and marketing specialists to help meaningful brands stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape. Through its tech platform and diverse community of vetted professionals, Wethos curates flexible teams of exactly the right experts to help accelerate social and economic progress.


Countable & Causes power movements. We’re a civic technology startup that builds digital products to make it easy for people to meaningfully understand, contribute to, and influence the issues that they care about. We empower individuals, companies and causes with powerful ways to engage their audiences, and drive them to action.


Warchest is a web-based budget application with integrated fundraising and expense data that provides campaigns and organizations with accurate, real-time financial analysis and planning. Warchest was created by former campaign operatives to address the unique needs of unpredictable political campaign budgets. This application combines granular and precise projections with a reconciliation tool and real-time cashflow, […]


PredictWise is dedicated to providing the most accurate and meaningful predictions possible, on a real-time updating basis. We hope that these games will delight our readers and provide us with a new source as well that will let us both improve and expand on our predictions.