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Company Profile: Predictwise

Campaigns spend valuable time and resources working to reach the right voters with the right message. Due to consistent technological advances, the very concept of “reach” has dramatically changed in the last couple of years, with a profound effect on what messages can be consumed. Americans are using completely different mediums and channels for communication, with ever growing time spent on mobile applications. But rather than keeping up with the rapid iteration necessary, campaigns have fallen woefully behind in their outreach effort. The core data set behind most campaign outreach remains the voter file, optimized for canvassing with outdated home addresses and phone numbers that lead to landlines. While there is without a doubt a need for canvassing, relying on this core data layer also means that reaching voters in the digital space is either impossible or prohibitively expensive. These obstacles make understanding the electorate’s political pulse difficult in the third decade of the 21st century.

Predictwise has built a solution that gives progressives the technological edge to reach relevant voters where they are. Their proprietary technology can instantaneously identify specific groups (for example, persuadable Republicans around healthcare in California or donor types in Michigan) and, using ID resolution technology, locates that audience wherever they are online – Facebook, mobile apps, etc. Centered on baseline data from millions of cellphones collected over the last three years, PredictWise also updates audience insights automatically, allowing campaigns to measure precise, meaningful metrics in real time.

CEO Tobi Konitzer, along with co-founder David Rothschild, have extensive backgrounds in academic research at the intersection of paid/earned media and tackling public opinion. After completing his PhD at Stanford and working at Facebook, Tobi discovered firsthand how Trump’s election campaign used technology to reach people where they spend time. He quit his job to lead the fight against Trump and build research-driven technology to find audiences and targets that fit the needs of progressive campaigns. 

Predictwise is already seeing traction in the political market. In Michigan, pro-healthcare ads targeted to PredictWise audiences in a randomized control trial have already shrunk Trump approval by three points. And in California Congressional District CA-45, ads targeted to PredictWise audiences have given the insurgent candidate Katie Porter a 2-4x lift in key metrics.

Predictwise has the technology, partnerships and distribution channels to get their tech to every campaign fighting for what is right in 2020, and campaigns and outside spending groups take note: PredictWise has signed a record number of new clients since the new year. To join Predictwise in the fight, check out their website: