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A new documentary short on progressive organizing in 2020

Democrats pulled off a stunning upset in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election last April. To win, they had to persevere through one of the most precarious elections in recent history: a global health pandemic, voter suppression tactics, rapidly changing public health information, and a deafening media din. A fair election teetered on the brink.

Organizers and activists met the moment with unflinching resolve and learned to organize differently. Armed with a new generation of political technology and online organizing tools, volunteers fanned out across the state, virtually, to build meaningful relationships with friends and family members that could withstand the pressures of voter suppression and misinformation. Facing unthinkable obstacles, these organizers showed us how to win. 

Dress Rehearsal, a documentary short by David Modigliani (Running With Beto), captures this inspiring saga. It documents the virtual-organizing playbook used in Wisconsin and tells the story of the heroic activists who wrote it. 

Four million Americans will want to volunteer for Democratic campaigns this Fall. Traditional organizing might be impossible. Our volunteer army is hungry but unsure of how best to help. Thankfully, the activists in Wisconsin showed us how. 

Higher Ground Labs, Arena, and Acronym have devoted three years preparing for this moment. We have invested millions in cutting-edge technology, trained the next generation of activists, and developed new ways to campaign online. We are proud producers of this documentary film and hope it serves as a reminder of the extraordinary power and responsibility that each of you hold this November. 

– Shomik Dutta and the HGL Team

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