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Announcing our investment in Peoplehood

Higher Ground Labs has invested in Peoplehood, a digital-first, relational fitness platform designed to facilitate guided group conversations at scale. It is a first-of-its-kind practice designed to improve relationships, starting with the self.

Our investment in Peoplehood underpins our belief that the core tenets of a strong democracy are community and connection. Peoplehood gives us space to build that connectivity and community.

Peoplehood’s core product, the “Gather,” is a 60-minute small group connection experience that aims to reduce loneliness and teach relational skills. The lack of dedicated digital relationship building tools across the wellness industry, coupled with the prolonged effects of pandemic-driven isolation, positions the platform well to meet people where they are and make relational fitness accessible at a time when it’s sorely needed.

Co-founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler

This is not the first venture collaboration for Peoplehood’s co-founders, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice. They teamed up in 2006 to launch SoulCycle, a major driver of the fitness industry’s modern evolution. Elizabeth and Julie, understanding that SoulCycle derived its staying power from the sense of connection felt in the room, launched Peoplehood as a foray into the underexplored relational fitness space that can help scale the power of human connectivity.

Peoplehood has crafted both B2C and B2B experiences. On the direct-to-consumer side, the platform offers Peoplehood, a class for individuals to join and “speak freely and listen deeply.” They also offer Couplehood through which individuals can work on existing relationships and connect in a deeper way. They also have a workplace product called Peoplehood @Work, a space for colleagues to connect in a more human manner that increases connectedness, cohesion, and inclusion.

Peoplehood offers digital experiences as well as in-person experiences at their flagship location in Chelsea, New York. You can sign up here.

We are looking forward to supporting Peoplehood’s important, community-centric mission.