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Meet CIVA Co-founders Ackeem & Jermaine

CIVA is a civic intelligence platform that effectively connects organizations with their members. They bring democracy closer to you by connecting members and supporters with relevant elected officials, resources, and projects. CIVA is powered by Election Bridge.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, co-founders Ackeem Evans and Jermaine Hartsfield met while serving in Albania in the Peace Corps as international development volunteers. As a past staffer and project manager working to consolidate voting information, Ackeem called on his close friend to join him on a mission to transform the civic engagement process. 

CIVA aims to centralize political and civic information. Their use cases include facilitating funding access for nonprofits and pushing advocacy across membership organizations.

“It is time the political tech space takes advantage of new advancements to inform citizens on civic engagement on a greater scale,” said Ackeem.

Their tool targets a variety of areas, such as voting, advocacy awareness, and community engagement with elected officials. CIVA features an ecosystem breakdown tool, which informs users about government agencies from the federal to the local level. Thus far, CIVA has worked on youth education programs, home association membership programs, and has explored assisting in the nationalization process of incoming immigrants. 

With government agencies providing resources people need on a daily basis, the team is motivated to continue working towards the centralization of information and empowering citizens to be civically engaged. 

CIVA is part of HGL’s 2023 Accelerator Cohort.

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