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Meet Daisychain Co-founders Jon & Nathan

Daisychain is a modern toolset that helps progressive organizations engage their audiences through personalized outreach, powerful workflows, and seamless integrations.

Co-founders Jon Warnow and Nathan Woodhull aren’t new to the worlds of political technology, politics, and activism. Over the years, they saw how progressive campaigns were struggling to engage their audiences authentically and organize people at scale. So in the summer of 2022, Jon and Nathan started to build Daisychain.

Daisychain is building a “modern platform for effective engagement”, which includes super-charged texting campaigns, workflow automations, and data integrations that enable a 360-degree view of supporters across different tools. Recently, Daisychain launched “Charms”, which is a feature that lets organizations text out highly personalized GIFs to their audience at scale.

Here are a couple of examples: 

Daisychain is excited to play a role in 2024 mobilization efforts. Jon and Nathan noted the parallels between startups and campaigns — the time is scarce and the work is hard, yet the results and impact are like no other.

HGL is thrilled to have Daisychain in the new 2023 Accelerator Cohort and join them on their mission to help campaigns and organizations.