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Meet GoodChange Co-founders Emily & Becky

GoodChange is the intersection of responsive financial technology and advocacy fundraising. Combining the latest fintech and financial management innovations with proven fundraising strategies, GoodChange helps advocates easily reach, convert, and engage new and existing donors.

Of the few Democratic fundraisers in Arkansas, Emily Wineland and Becky Pittman developed a unique expertise in political fundraising. While supporting Democratic movements in a conservative state, Emily and Becky developed a deep understanding of the core challenges donors and fundraisers experience, from fear of asking for donations to donor exhaustion from being asked too much.

After several difficult cycles, Emily and Becky became determined to make fundraising easier so more people could extend support to progressive leaders and issues they care about. In 2020, they founded GoodChange, an all-in-one platform that makes it easier for fundraisers to raise funds and access them quickly. But, it’s not just for fundraisers! They also built GoodChange to create the most sustainable way to keep donors engaged and informed.

GoodChange allows donors to round up spare change, give once, or give monthly donations and also provides a “donor dashboard,” which empowers donors by giving them the ability to easily start, stop, and manage all donations. For fundraisers, GoodChange gives unprecedented control over financial management. By combining financial technology with flexible fundraising options, GoodChange helps candidates easily reach, convert, and engage new and existing donors to create the change their communities want. 

They are thrilled to be a part of HGL for the 2023 Accelerator Cohort and look forward to supporting Democratic victories in 2024 and beyond.