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Meet Social Currant Co-founders Ashwath, Ellie, & Vidyut

Social Currant matches impact organizations, nonprofits, and purpose-driven organizations with creators on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to drive awareness, get out the vote, and increase impact. Their all-in-one platform helps organizations find mission-aligned creators, build relationships with them, and automate the busy work of contracts, payments, and 1099s.

Ashwath Narayanan grew up in Pune, India, where he met Social Currant co-founder and fellow classmate Vidyut Ghuwalewala. After high school, Ashwath moved back to the U.S. and graduated from George Washington University along with co-founder Ellie Artone.

As three fresh graduates entering the political industry, the team noticed progressive campaigns and organizations failing to authentically engage young people in politics. So these young entrepreneurs came together to create a platform that would capture the power and promise of young voters.

Their platform expands the progressive movement’s hiring pipeline to ensure that content creators  — regardless of their connections to people in power and politics — have paths to work on the campaigns that impact their daily lives. It features a campaign dashboard, which contains everything about a campaign in one place. This makes digital advocating accessible for individuals who may not be familiar with the political space. 

Social Currant provides young people the opportunity to help run advocacy and political campaigns, as well as craft tactics for campaigns and organizations that are truly representative of the communities they are targeting. With their product, they believe that young people can assist in pushing democratic movements forward. 

Ashwath shares his gratitude for all the organizations that have partnered with Social Currant to this day. They are thrilled to see what is in store for their movement as one of eight companies in HGL’s new 2023 Accelerator cohort.