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Meet Chorus AI Co-founders Aaron, Tareq, & Sam

Chorus AI helps turn every member of your digital team from a solo act to a full ensemble. They use generative AI and news analysis to enable you to write content 10x faster and better, providing bespoke content to all your audience segments for the highest ROI on your digital marketing — all on a budget.

Co-founders Aaron Myran, Sam Landenwitsch, and Tareq Alani have collectively spent decades working on advocacy, civic engagement, and electoral campaigns. They know how hard it is to do digital and communications effectively. So, they launched Chorus AI to help campaigns and organizations raise more dollars, turn out more voters, and activate more volunteers through more personalized and effective communications and digital.

Their tool transforms issue-based ideas into personalized campaign content for a candidate or organization within minutes. The data collector feature clusters US and Canadian news along with details from a candidate’s targeted audience to create personalized newsletters that users can turn into engaging digital content in seconds. By scaling rapid response communications, Chorus AI helps organizations engage their audiences in a way that’s most relevant for them.

As co-founders of PushBlack, New Majority, and as the vice-president and chief of staff of one of the nation’s largest non-profits respectively, Tareq, Aaron, and Sam deeply know how difficult it is to manage digital communications under time and financial constraints. Chorus AI is designed to dismantle these barriers and transform political messaging for the 2024 election.

As proud members of the HGL6 cohort, they look forward to empowering Democratic campaigns and organizations through their new product.

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