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Meet Relentless Co-founders Davis, Greta, & Zoe

Relentless is an organizing company with a mission to unlock political power. Their flagship product, Rally, is built to scale and measure relational organizing programs.

Relentless designs and runs scaled relational organizing programs, reaching communities typically unreachable through traditional tactics.

Relentless was formed in 2022 by co-founders Davis Leonard, Greta Carnes, and Zoe Stein. Previously, Greta had built a national relational organizing program for Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign that persuaded voters at scale and won the Iowa caucus. Zoe and Davis ran a first-of-its-kind relational program during the 2021 Georgia runoff election that quickly reached and mobilized over 160,000 voters, winning the election and flipping the US Senate.

Relentless’ flagship product is a relational organizing platform called Rally. Rally enables campaigns and organizations to run and measure data-driven relational organizing programs at scale.

For users, Rally is an easy way to map their social networks and unlock the political power of their relationships. For program administrators, Rally features a data dashboard, geographic targeting parameters, and customized performance analytics to measure and scale their relational programs. Additionally, campaigns and organizations using Rally have access to Relentless’ programs team, which provides customized program design, staff recruitment and hiring, and other programmatic support.

Rally also tackles the greatest barrier to long-term relational power-building that the progressive ecosystem faces: the lack of a long-term social graph. Rally’s social graph sits atop a national voter file and persists campaign to campaign, cycle to cycle.

HGL is proud to have Relentless in our 2023 Accelerator Cohort.