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Recap: The Role of Tech in Vote by Mail (and Ballot Access) Panel

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Higher Ground Labs continued our DNC programming with a panel on the role of technology in vote by mail (VBM) and ballot access. We would like to thank our incredible panelists and moderator, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, for their insights, time and continued efforts to help voters safely cast their ballots this year. 

Our panel discussed their thoughts around the current state of vote by mail, the ways in which tech can help give voters the information and resources they need to cast their ballot, and the impact of the recent USPS controversy on voters’ trust. Panelists also detailed their own unique innovations around detecting and resisting malicious efforts to misinform or suppress turnout.

“There is no federal plan for VBM, and our commander-in-chief is sowing distrust. On a state-by-state level, it’s highly variable. It’s variable and in flux–the rules are constantly changing and the rules are different from state-to-state.”

Sarah Jackel, Civitech

Amidst COVID, VBM has become an essential means to vote in the 2020 election. Yet, the recent assaults by the Trump administration on USPS has posed numerous VBM and ballot access challenges. Political technology has, and will continue to, play a key role in breaking down barriers and making access to the ballot easier for all voters. 

“Tech is always a hot button, but it’s never been hotter than right now, making these tools accessible to voters and organizers. Turnout will be interesting to watch–we’re armed with the right tools, but it’ll have to be consistent education and messaging.”

Ashley Bryant, A/B Partners

The Higher Ground Labs team is proud to work with key players who are tirelessly working to ensure a safe, secure, and accessible election for all Americans this November.

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