Get Ready to Vote with BallotReady

Alex Niemczewski, founder of BallotReady, and her team want to make it easier for everyone to get out and vote. And they’ve done just that. Their comprehensive voter guides and, now, their vote by mail tool, walk voters through the entire VBM process from requesting a ballot to sending it off.  Here’s five things BallotReady […]

Recap: The Role of Tech in Vote by Mail (and Ballot Access) Panel

Join us for the Premier of Dress Rehearsal:Thursday, Aug. 20 at 8pm ET: Dress Rehearsal, a documentary short we produced alongside Arena and Acronym, will premier tomorrow at 8pm ET on Before then, watch the trailer and learn more! —————————————————————————————– Higher Ground Labs continued our DNC programming with a panel on the role of […]