Company Profile: Main Street One

Main Street One tracks false narratives and their online impact, develops authentic, ideologically combative, and wholly accurate content backed up by analytics, and then disseminates this content out to its network of 3.5 million influencers who subsequently sway the online discourse.

Announcing Our 2019 Fellows

Political tech start-ups begin with bold ideas that address critical areas of need. Their success depends on motivated entrepreneurs who thoroughly research the key issue they are trying to solve, before going to market. HGL is proud to announce our 2019 Fellows, who will participate in a 3-month “Entrepreneurship-in-Residence” research program. This year, our fellows […]

Company Profile: OpenField

Ari Trujillo Wesler, a third generation engineer, got her start in organizing by banning non-organic grapes and raisins… from her elementary school. Before she was even old enough to vote, her first major campaign led her to Nevada in 2008 for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. Since then, she’s managed several data projects at the AFL-CIO […]

Impact Profile: Change Research

Political polling was in a state of disrepair after the 2016 election. The costs of bad polling were severe – bad polling led the Clinton campaign to misallocate resources in key states, caused inconsistent media scrutiny towards Clinton and Trump, and may have even driven nonchalance among progressive base voters.  Traditional pollsters faced insurmountable selection […]

Impact Profile: MobilizeAmerica

Volunteers are the lifeblood of progressive campaigns. In 2016, the process of volunteering remained clunky and outdated, which created unnecessary barriers to entry. On the campaign side, volunteer recruitment and retention was equally tedious. Syncing paper sign-in sheets with NGP VAN, constantly calling supporters to remind them of their shifts, and converting new leads take […]

Impact Profile: BallotReady

A healthy democracy relies on voters making informed decisions. There has never been a reliable repository of information on all 500,000+ candidates running for every office in every state. It is no wonder that close to 30% of voters often leave down-ballot candidate decisions blank. BallotReady is here to change all of that.  By simply […]

Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Buffy Wicks

California State Assembly Member Buffy Wicks joined our HGL board two years ago to support the emerging political tech platforms that have helped her win campaigns throughout her career. To Buffy, political tech is a mechanism to develop a strong pipeline of progressive leaders across the ballot nationwide. We had a great time chatting with […]

Company Profile: SameSide

For many, today’s mainstream methods of political action can be unappealing or intimidating. SameSide is working to change the way citizens participate in our democracy – by putting the party back in politics! The company is dedicated to making grassroots political action accessible to all through events in music, arts, and culture. Following the 2016 […]

Company Profile: New/Mode

A lot of campaigns can get petitions signed. But when it comes to donating or turning out for events, they often face radio silence. So how can campaigns truly engage supporters, bridge those two stages, and ultimately win? New/Mode is a new multi-channel civic engagement platform that makes it easy for causes to activate their […]

Company Profile: Avalanche Insights

To consistently win elections and build power, Democrats need to better resonate with voters. Understanding those voters is the key. Avalanche Insights is building a revolutionary technology to transform the way progressives understand people. They’ve developed a scalable approach to revealing how people think and feel about important issues. By leveraging cognitive science and AI […]

Company Profile: Call Time

How do candidates get in touch with donors? First, staffers work through address books and contact lists they receive from consultants, networks, and friends. Through a tedious process, they need to determine from those lists who to contact and why. That’s just the donor research part. Actual calls entail another set of tasks outside simply […]

Company Profile: Meet Civic Eagle

Today’s policy research methods are outdated and inefficient – but they don’t have to be. Civic Eagle equips policy professionals with the tools they need to research and track legislation more effectively. By using innovative software to make legislative research smarter, faster, and less expensive, Civic Eagle helps organizations spend less time in front of […]