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Meet Greenfly

Higher Ground Labs recently invested in a technology startup called Greenfly.  Greenfly is an advocacy platform that enables campaigns to manage, exchange, and communicate media with supporters who then organically spread the campaign’s message on social media platforms. Using Greenfly, campaigns are able to track performance and identify what content is performing best with which […]

3 Million and Counting: Company Spotlight, Mobilize

Last week Mobilize celebrated 3 million supporters turning their passion into action. We sat down with Valentine Ollawa, Director of Client Success, to discuss how they’ve helped organizers and volunteers take action this cycle.  Congratulations on crossing 3 million supporters on Mobilize!Thank you! It’s a huge accomplishment for us as a company – especially knowing […]

Relational FTW: Company Spotlight, Outvote

Outvote is a relational organizing tool that has taken the progressive space by storm. Founded in 2018, Outvote is being used by staff and volunteers on campaigns up and down the ballot and organizations pushing for social change. We sat down with Emily DaSilva, COO of Outvote, to discuss the innovative ways clients have adopted […]

Powered by Countable: The DNC Stories Hub

Last month the Democratic National Convention brought us together through an unprecedented digital showcase. Democrats knew things were going to be different this year – and they embraced it. Running a completely virtual convention, they engaged new viewers from around the country and put the Convention in the hands of the American people through user […]

Civic Eagle: Walking the Walk

From constant analysis, to machine learning, to investment, Damola and his team have worked to create a powerful tool, Enview, that discovers, analyzes, and manages state and federal legislation. And they’ve done it with diverse talent that is modeling inclusivity and paving the way for Black and POC founders.

Company Profile: Predictwise

Predictwise has built a solution that gives progressives the technological edge to reach relevant voters where they are.

Company Profile: Survey 160

At its core, Survey 160 aspires to help progressive organizations make better decisions by giving them access to high quality polling data.

Company Profile: Torch

Social media is a powerful tool for mobilizing communities, finding volunteers, raising money and sharing your message. Unfortunately, social platforms are fragmented, users are difficult to verify, and the politics, advocacy and philanthropy sectors consistently struggle to reach the right audience. Torch was created by Rick Greenberg and Mike Seiler to enable groups and leaders […]

Company Profile: Warchest

Josh Wolf was working as a campaign manager on California Democrat Ami Bera’s campaign when he met Conner Johnston, a fellow staffer, in 2012. Frustrated by the lack of an effective, comprehensive system to track campaign spending, the two worked together to build out a new tracking spreadsheet. The spreadsheet soon grabbed the attention of […]

Company Profile: Wethos

Through its proprietary tech platform, Wethos quickly curates flexible teams of 4,000+ vetted creative and marketing freelance specialists to solve rapidly-evolving problems.

Company Profile: Countable

Countable provides enterprise tools to campaigns, nonprofits, unions, and other progressive groups that drive supporter engagement.