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HGL6 Open Call: Apply to Higher Ground Labs’ 2023 Accelerator

This is the Open Call for our 2023 accelerator cohort. Running for its sixth year, the accelerator is HGL’s flagship program, facilitating rapid scale and successful integration into the political tech ecosystem for new companies.  Accelerator companies join a vibrant group of 50+ HGL startups — such as Mobilize, BallotReady, and Impactive — that have […]

Higher Ground Labs’ 2023 Investment Thesis

Every year, Higher Ground Labs creates an investment thesis to define our focus for the cycle ahead. Our core mission is to invest in technology that helps progressives win and our investment thesis is our guide to achieving it. Since making our first investments in 2017, we now find the political tech ecosystem at a […]

Introducing Unified

Eager to find a streamlined approach to promoting political and social causes after the 2016 and 2020 elections, Unified Co-Founder and CEO Shion Deysarkar set out to make organizing and activism a more fun, joyful, and community-driven experience. Shion believes that the core source of political power comes from the grassroots community.   “After the 2020 […]

Introducing SpeechifAI

It’s no secret that social media has the power to give people around the world a global voice. However, in our digitally-native society where so much of our communication takes place almost entirely online, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to find an audience on social media and have a meaningful voice (only 10% […]

Announcing our Cohort 5 Companies

2022 is a unique moment for America. Higher Ground Labs is proud to introduce you to ten companies who are ready to meet it.  Our new Cohort 5 founders hail from every region of the US as well as the UK and Europe. They are Forbes 30 Under 30 laureates, serial tech entrepreneurs, top Democratic […]

Higher Ground Labs 2022 Investment Thesis

At Higher Ground Labs, we invest in technology that helps progressives win. That has been our core mission since 2017, and it guides our work every day. To help fulfill that mission, we write an annual investment thesis to highlight specific areas of underinvestment and technological need in the progressive ecosystem. The last year has […]

Cohort 4 Accelerator Graduation

I just graduated from my first venture backed accelerator and it blew my expectations away holy sh–  Let me back up. I’m Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Measure Studio. We’re building the next generation social media analytics app that helps publishers, agencies, brands, and causes make better content. I’ve been working in social media for […]

Introducing Vin

We sat down with our new Vice President of Investments, Vin Morada, to ask some questions about what led him to HGL. We can’t wait for you to meet him.  Prior to joining HGL, Vin worked in investing and banking roles at Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch respectively. He also worked at Microsoft as a […]